What Are The Penalties For DUI In Virginia?

There are hundreds of DUI-related motor vehicle fatalities every year in Virginia. For this reason, Virginia takes driving under the influence (DUI) charges seriously. You may even face possible jail time depending on your intoxication level at the time of the DUI and your age.

DUI In Virginia

A DUI in the state of Virginia is defined as driving with a blood alcohol content over the legal limit set by the state. If you’re under the age of 21 years old, you could face a DUI charge for a blood alcohol content of .02 percent or more.

For adults over the age of 21 years old, the blood alcohol content limit is set at .08 percent. Although .08 percent tends to be the blood alcohol content limit set by most states, Virginia is especially tough on DUI offenders.

You might also face a driving under the influence charge if you’re driving while intoxicated by a controlled substance. In other words, a driving under the influence charge applies to both drugs and alcohol in the state of Virginia.

Penalties for DUI

The state of Virginia punishes younger and/or repeat offenders much more harshly than older DUI offenders.

Young drivers caught operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content of .02 percent or more could additionally face a restricted driver’s license or mandatory enrollment in Virginia’s Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP).

Older drivers in Virginia charged with a DUI face a maximum $300 fine and one-year license revocation for their first offense. Second offenses within a five year period warrant jail time and an indefinite license suspension. A third DUI offense within five years warrants six months in jail and a minimum fine of $1000.

Contact a Virginia DUI Attorney

Finding an attorney that can prove your innocence and fight to get your charges reduced is an essential first step to take.

A DUI attorney can keep your criminal record clean and even identify improper police procedures.

An experienced attorney can also evaluate your case to determine whether field sobriety tests are admissible in court or whether the officer had valid grounds for stopping you.

Contact a Virginia DUI attorney today to have your case evaluated and potentially have your charges lowered or dropped.